What are the expedition principles?

  1. Silence: “ When we walk or stand guard during the night we are quiet. Minimum of speech to whom you hand over your guarding duties. Take the silence with you in your bed.
  2. Solitude: Through the silence and the night-watch, being alone also becomes a part of your experience.
  3. Simplicity – We leave behind everything that reminds us of the civil world. Watch, phone, iPod, etc. We completely take care of ourselves, we carry what we need for food, clothing, etc. We do not have to stick to any program or performance standards. We go with the flow
  4. Service – We respect nature and nature will reward that respect in a variety of ways.
  5. Servant leadership is experienced as we take care of each other.
  6. Sharing – Next to our spontaneous sharing of experiences during the day, a council is held once a day, unless there is no need felt. During the council we share openheartedly and reveal our vulnerability. What we share is unstructured and free and no one has to feel obliged to speak as of service to the group. You only have to share what you feel you want to share. We encourage to speak honestly straight from the heart. Everything that is shared remains within the group (Secrecy).
  7. Sensing – We sense what is going on, what we want to do, and in which direction we want to go. We do not feel bound to any program or any other plan. The program is a personal journey (self) and not a group process. It is about getting to know yourself not about judging others.