The U-process is our core method for leadership transformation. The U-Process is a method through which new realities are created by following natural steps in our approach and activating our creativity. Founders are Jaworski, Senge and Scharmer (Theory U).

The essence of Theory U is the (leadership)ability to connect to our deeper, inner knowing. By making the shift from DOING to BEING we can get in silence- in touch with the source of insight, creativity and renewal. The essence is not: I think, so I am (cogito ergo sum), but is: something originates because I am fully present now (Presencing). So it is about the quality of the intention and the attention I give to the situation.

In short, the U-process knows three important steps:

  1. Deeply observe (without judgment) the situation and understand that I am part of the whole that I am contemplating.
  2. I am open with heart and soul to whatever presents itself  out of nothing and appeals to my highest potential.
  3. I act directly from this inspiration and through imagination I continuously improve the solution.



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